Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Spring, It's Time for a Brand New Experience!

Happy Spring!

Spring is a season of phenomenal renewal for all living things. It is the season of new beginning's, of firsts. Think of our earth; the grass becomes green, the trees show off brand new leaves, crops sprout from the earth, and beautiful flowers bloom.

As I am writing this we have recently welcomed our second grandson Oliver. He made his entrance into this world three weeks early, blessing us all with three extra weeks of loving him. It has been amazing to watch all of his firsts, for every day there is a new one. It is been beautiful to watch his parents experience all of their firsts as well.

There is such joy and excitement in the birth of something new and this includes for us as artists, the birth of new ideas, new pathways of expression. Our jobs, more so than many, really do afford us the opportunity to have a brand new experience every single day! In fact there's really no excuse not to have a brand new experience of some kind every day in the studio, if you commit to the idea! You can do it!

 It can be as small as a new color combination, different music, but every time we give birth to something new it creates in us a desire to have yet another new experience, and isn't that what life is all about?

 Kimberly Conrad CEO/Where ART Lives


 Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Art Gallery
 220 East 7th Ave (Governer's Park)
 Denver, CO 80203


  1. thanks Kimberly, I needed to read this today! :))))

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