Monday, March 12, 2018

Daily Thoughts from the CEO of Where ART Lives-CREATIVES

 I wrote once before about how important it is to have a solid network of "creatives"  in your life.

They could be professionals that are also on an entrepreneurial journey. People who support your vision and with whom there can be an exchange of ideas, encouragement-and knowledge.
These people do not have to be in your exact field, though I think at least a few should be.

They could be non-entrepreneurs, who have joyfully chosen to to make everyday life a beautiful creative journey. Most of us know at least one person with this gift. Everything they say, do or touch radiates beauty and creativity.

must confess I struggled with this in 2017. Aside from a painting trip to France, I did not get much time with creatives. I had a major shoulder surgery, which seriously altered my life from July on.I was somewhat of a hermit as I recovered.
And truthfully,it altered my mindset, in a negative way. Though I teach in my coaching practice how very important this concept is, I have never been more personally aware of just how much I need this interaction to thrive. Sure, I can make it on my own, but I thrive when collaborating, sharing and co-creating with other creatives.

This year I am committed to getting back in the game of collaborating and co-creating.
The journey is so much more joyful when shared with others, and often, much more productive and successful.

I have never understood those who hoard and hide valuable information, as if we are all in competition with each other. Of all of the things that bring me joy, the sweetest is knowing I have encouraged someone uncertain, given hope to someone that wanted to give up, passed on knowledge that aided someone in going to the next level in life,personal growth, spiritual growth or never who around you is ready to quit behind that brave face.

Be generous with your words,and smiles, write notes of encouragement and send them snail mail-pass on the knowledge that someone was generous enough to pass on to you....BETTER YET..pass on the knowledge that was so long and painful for you to learn....if you can save the next guy a little bit of that agony- why wouldn't you?????

Kimberly Conrad
CEO/Where ART Lives


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