Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Goodbye to Cortona" My recent trip to Italy with Kimberly Conrad

My Recent trip to Italy.... Goodbye to Cortona 

The morning we were to lave Cortona, I ran back up the street to get a photo of my favorite art gallery there.

La "Galleria Nazionale" 

I purchased two paintings from this gallery. One was a 5x7 impasto oil painting by 
Antonio Sbrana, a well know artist from Tuscany born in 1934. 
According to the gallery owner, Antonio is currently going blind, but refuses to give up is brushes.....

I saw this little landscape in the window our very first night in Cortona and knew I had to bring it home, so my first priority the next day was to buy it!!
It now hangs in my dining room.

So....while the gallery owner was wrapping up this beautiful little gem, I wandered into the second room of the gallery and stumbled onto the piece below by Albert Aprilia, an artist from Rome that is famous for his paintings of beautiful women in cafes and piazzas .
 This painting measure 30"x30" and now........also hangs in my dining room!!!:):):):)

The rest of my house is very old world tuscan, but last year we changed the dining room from an ornate room with heavy ornate furniture and dark red walls to a soft , clean French it holds my beautiful paintings from Cortona and my pottery from studio Rampini outside of Radda , so I guess now it's a French/Italian dining room!!

Check back later for Day 1 at San Fedele....

Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 3 in Cortona.......Part 2, My recent trip to Italy with Kimberly Conrad


Thank you for allowing me to share my trip SLOWLY....and savor every image as I share it....I just don't want it to be over.......!!!!!

I left off last time with Day three in Cortona...Part 1....

It had rained , which created a totally different experience and was marvelous

It was to be out last day in I went back out later in the day to capture more images to hold in my heart until next time...

We did not see too many pets...a couple of dogs, and a few cats that kept turning up all over town, this is one of them:) He was darling and I am not even a cat person!!

The gallery of a local artist...two floors jam packed...the work was childlike , bright, and colorful...very happy work!!

Our Last Dinner in Cortona....

Every single course at every restaurant was a work of art!

And THAT my friend is the conclusion of day 3 in Cortona!!


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shared from the CEO of Where ART Lives, Day 3 in Cortona.......Part 1, My recent trip to Italy with Kimberly Conrad

Day 3 in Cortona.......Part 1, My recent trip to Italy with Kimberly Conrad

Day 3 in Cortona.......Part 1

Day 3 was just as marvelous. We had a demo on the terrace of the hotel by Joan Fullerton, then split up to "paint the town".

Judith Babcock and I headed out together just as it started to rain.

We didn't mind it a bit, as it gave us a different experience then the two days before.

The lovely Judith Babcock...just walkin' in the rain!

The rain even SMELLS lovlier in Cortona!!

We ducked into a little cafe for a bowl of bean was amazing....but of course:)

We visited the only book store in town, which is also home to the only art supplies in town....

Books and Art Supplies

Directly across the little street from the bookstore is that little  real estate listing place in the movie.....where Frances sees the listing for Bramasole.

I watched the movie again the other night, and when she's standing there looking at see the bookstore behind her....and my heart leapt and shouted  "I was there just a few weeks for art supplies"...I know, I know, I have the worst case ever of "I LOVE Italy"!!!!

Judy and I headed back to our rooms for a bit as the rain continued...she painted from
her balcony, and I watched the sky from my balcony and took pictures.

My oh My those Clouds!!

We headed back out ( raining again) but it was our last day in Cortona and could not be wasted...

More photos of the rainy streets and lovely shops


The Bank.....

I love how the flags line the streets
Blogger will not allow me to upload any more images for this I will,call this Day 3 in Cortona Part 1 and share part 2 next time!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Shared form the CEO of Where ART Lives-DAY 4 in ITALY.....DAY 2 IN CORTONA -Part 2

DAY 4 in ITALY.....DAY 2 IN CORTONA -Part 2 The second half of Day 2 in Cortona, we took a guided tour of the town. It was market day in the main Piazza....

 The one purchase I regret not making while in Italy was a HAT!! I am a big hat girl, and there were so many beautiful hat shops. I could have just had one shipped home....hmmmmm
I had artwork, pottery and wine shipped home...why not a hat?

We were introduced to a couple of the churches. I was not taking notes, so unfortunately do not remember the names of the churches.

Church 1:

The churches were very dark inside.
A famous dead monk preserved in this glass case at the alter....don't really understand  putting a dead body in a glass case for the world to look at forever, but it was a common theme in the churches. Very eerie.

Church 2:

Many frescos and partial frescos in these churches dating back to the 1200's.

The architecture in all of the churches was magnificent.
This church had the robe of a famous monk preserved ( I think maybe he was sainted-can't remember)
I should have listened more to the stories but I was enthralled with the architecture.

The side courtyard of the church, and above you can see the tiny windows of the tiny rooms where the monks had lived.

We then toured the oldest part of the town. Some of these buildings look unstable from the outside,but supposedly they are very stable and have been renovated beautifully on the inside.
I am CERTAIN that the balconies of some are NOT stable.

 (You can't judge a book by it's cover).....

Again, everywhere you look, the architecture is breathtaking. 
This is Jennifer, one of our artists....doesn't she look like she belongs there?
Actually, Jennifer is an interior designer, and said at the beginning of the trip that she is not an artist, but her paintings during the trip proved otherwise!!
Each night at dinner in Cortona, the artists shared what they had painted that day.

And Finally...Dinner. My FAVORITE dinner of the trip , as we were on the terrace of a restaurant that over looked the main Piazza....where we painted from the day before.

This night Cortona said Goodnight with a Beautiful full moon!!