Friday, September 2, 2016

Shared from the CEO of Where ART Lives- Happy September!!

I can hardly believe it is September!

Summer 2016 has truly been a whirlwind. Now we are preparing for fall.

These days fall seems to launch us right into the holiday countdown. In fact, as of yesterday the Pumpkin Spice Latte is now available at Starbucks!! My favorite holiday drink that used to come out in November, then they moved it to October 1st, and now it apparently comes out in September 1st!

I know many of our artists have young kids that are back in school and some have ushered older kids off to college and are now empty nesters. Some are grandparents , and have reveled in summer visits with grandchildren.

Two weeks ago, I watched my oldest son marry, and welcomed a precious new daughter into my family. August passed at lightening speed and while it was full of JOY, and wonderful new experiences,  I am so very happy to welcome the month of September.

Yesterday, I was forced to spend a couple hours in the hospital waiting room while my husband had shoulder surgery and I spent the entire time in a stack of my favorite magazines.

Beautiful table settings, fall home decor, holiday clothing-oodles and gobs of COLOR!

COLOR is what inspires me most!! If I could be on color overload I would be, but that's just not possible; I know I dreamt in technicolor last night!!

My creative juices are running at mach speed, and my artist spirit is demanding that I now commit to long hours back in the studio. I could not be more happy to oblige!

Leave us a comment below. Tell us your favorite summer memory, or share what is inspiring you as we move towards fall!


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