Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Daily Thoughts from the CEO of Where ART Lives- DISCIPLINE With Kimberly Conrad

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I am going to say that every day of January!!

A few days ago, I shared That my personal WORD for 2016 is DISCIPLINE.

Below is a quote from Darren Hardy of Success Magazine to think on today....

"It is not what you know that determines the results in your life-knowledge is not power in and of itself. Power is created by what you do with what you know."

Hmmmm.... so you have to DO and Doing takes what???  Yep....DISCIPLINE

Do you have a special WORD for 2016, or an area in your life that needs a new kind of Discipline?
Feel free to share below in Comments!

Kimberly Conrad
CEO/Where ART Lives


Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Art Gallery Boarding House Studio Galleries
220 East 7th Ave (Capitol Hill)
Denver, CO 80203

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